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School Supply List 2017-18

A picture of school supplies, pens, glue bottles, crayons

Pre-K Wish List
1 box of Kleenexes
1 box of baby wipes (unscented)
1 box bathroom size 3 oz. Dixie
Sleeping mat or thick beach towel—no yoga mats

Please send a light jacket and a complete change of clothes for your 
child, including socks and underwear in a zip-lock bag labeled with your child’s name on it to keep at school.  All other classroom supplies will be provided.
3th Grade supply list
4- composition notebooks (wide rule)
4- spiral notebooks (wide rule)
2 – 3 prong plastic folders with pockets
3 pkgs. of wide-ruled notebook paper
2- 24 ct. boxes of #2 pencils
Dry erase markers (any colors)
2 pks. of index cards (lined)
3rd Grade Classroom Community Wish List
Post-it note pads (variety of color & size)
Tissue boxes
Hand sanitizer
Glue sticks
Graph paper
Baby wipes
Kindergarten supply list
Small book bag (not rolling, please)
3 boxes Kleenex
2 box baby wipes
1 box (12) yellow #2 pencils
3 red leaded pencils with erasers
3 black & white primary ruled composition notebooks
1 box Dixie cups (small)
Zip-loc freezer bags (quart and/or gallon)
Antibacterial hand sanitizer and/or refills
Dry Erase markers (black)
Small pretzels (not sticks, please)
Gold Fish or Ritz crackers (or any small crackers)
***Please send a light jacket and a complete change of clothes
for your child including socks & underwear – labeled with
name & in a zip-loc bag. (To keep at school). ***
4th Grade supply list
Individual Needs:
3-4 packs of pencils (preferably wooden)
4 packs of notebook paper
4 composition notebooks
5 plastic folders with pockets
Pencil sharpener (preferably one with a shavings container)
Kleenex tissues
Optional Items:
Graph paper
Zipper pouch
markers or colored pencils if your child wants them
Community Needs:
Hand sanitizer
Baby wipes
Kleenex tissues
Ziplock bags
1st Grade supply list
-1 large zipper pencil pouch (big enough to fit crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, etc.)
-8 black dry erase markers
-Large Pink Erasers (not pencil top)
-2 black and white composition notebooks (not spiral bound)
-1 black 3 ring binder (1 inch)
-2 boxes of tissuesWish List

-Hand sanitizer
-Ziploc sandwich bags
-Baby Wipes (non-scented)
-Scissors, crayons, glue for your child

5th Grade supply list
(6) Composition notebooks
(3) Folders (plastic folders- paper folders do not last)
pencil pouch
(2) Packs of any kind of erasers (pencil top or pink eraser)
(2) Boxes of tissue
(1 -2) bottles of hand sanitizer
(1) Pack of whiteboard markers
(5) Packs of lined paper
Pencil sharpener
Pack of index cards
Backpack or large close-able binder (we will be rotating)
(1) Box of Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bag
(1) Box of Quart Ziploc Freezer Bags
Optional but Very Handy
3 Packs of 24 pencils
Sticky notes
Baby wipes
2nd Grade supply list
2 pack Notebook paper – Wide rule
4 large pink erasers
6 Composition Notebooks
1 – 1 Inch Binder
10 – Dry Erase Markers, multiple colors are ok
1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer
2 Boxes Baby Wipes
2 packs index cards – 1 large and 1 small
2 Boxes Ziplock Freezer Bags – 1 Gallon 1 Quart
1 Pencil Bag with zipper or Pencil Box
1 Book Bag
Wish List:
Composition Notebooks
Post-It Notes any size, any color (colorful preferred)
Glue Sticks
1 box of 24 Crayons
Published by Kimberly Thompson on October 30, 2017
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